PENTAX Adds O-GPS1 for SLR Cameras

PENTAX Adds O-GPS1 for SLR Cameras


PENTAX has added a O-GPS1 unit for its digital SLR cameras. The weather-resistant O-GPS1 can be mounted on the hot shoe of select PENTAX SLR cameras to bring GPS location data to the camera.

Astrophotography features include celestial body location data and the Astrotracer application. Other geolocation features include geotags that provide location information on photo sharing websites, an electronic compass, and the ability to chart movement with interval position tracking. It also supports Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) for increased accuracy.

The O-GPS1 unit works with the PENTAX Shake Reduction system, and also uses a separate power source so it does not drain the camera's battery.

Compatible cameras include the K-5, K-r and 645D.