Travelocity and Mizco: a Match That Makes Sense

Travelocity and Mizco: a Match That Makes Sense


Perhaps no industry fits the mobile lifestyle so many consumers have adopted today as well as the travel industry – thus is it any real surprise that Travelocity and Mizco found each other?

The two companies recently announced that they have entered into a North American license agreement to market a complete line of Travelocity branded travel and trip accessory products to dealers throughout the United States and Canada.

Mizco International President & Chief Executive Officer, Albert Mizrahi explained how he is looking forward to future as the two companies plot a new course in the years ahead.

“As we begin the second decade of our corporate history, we are committed to breaking new ground in product development and marketing innovation,” Mizrahi explained. “We have achieved both objectives with the introduction of the first-ever line of Travelocity branded travel and trip accessory products. The fact that Travelocity selected Mizco to bring these products to consumers throughout North America underscores and amplifies the power and reach of our distribution network, which now exceeds 30,000 retail partners throughout North America.”

Stephen Mannoia Travelocity’s VP of Sales, explained the partnership is the just the beginning for the two companies.

“This is just the tip of the iceberg as we presented 22 products so far,” he began, referring to the rollout at the recent CTIA Show in Las Vegas. “We have another 25 to present to Mizco in the coming weeks as we see smaller categories emerging within existing categories.”

Mannoia also added that several imaging  accessories might very well be a part of the mix in the near future.

“This is great for both mobile and imaging dealers as travel is an activity that can be promoted year round – it’s not limited to a particular season. Imaging is a category we’ll be taking a close look at as we move forward,” he added. “Also, since in-store space isn’t really getting any bigger these retailers need to use their existing space wisely and these new Travelocity-branded lines can allow them to do that. They can be merchandised in multiple locations throughout the store”