PhotoCycle Debuts on FastCompany.TV

PhotoCycle Debuts on FastCompany.TV


Mansueto Digital recently launched its newest FastCompany.TV program, PhotoCycle. This Internet-distributed video show will focus on the full cycle of photography including basic camera know-how, inspiration, instruction, and discussion of the “business of professional photography.”

Avid photographer and Managing Director of FastCompany.TV, Robert Scoble explains, “PhotoCycle is going to be unique. Joining a professional photographer, Marc Silber, with talented ‘Flickr-famous’ photographers like Thomas Hawk you’ll get both helpful tips on how to take your digital photography further as well as get unique insights into how professional photographers ply their craft.”

Hosting the show is Marc Silber, a highly respected teacher of photography and a professional photographer. Silber’s work (available online at has been featured in numerous exhibitions, which have all been met with wide acclaim. Joining Silber will be Thomas Hawk, a top Flickr Photographer.

Silber commented, “My passion in teaching photography has been to bring the masters of photography as close as possible to my students. PhotoCycle gives us this ability and opens our classroom up to everyone. We’ll keep our viewers up to date with new developments—tips and tricks, and as the name says, we’ll cover the full cycle of photography.”

In the first episode, at, Silber visits Glacier Point in the Yosemite Valley to interview legendary photographer Ansel Adams’ son Michael. Michael explains Ansel’s process, workflow, joy of photography, and shares rare and unreleased footage of his father discussing what he considered to be the key to a great photograph.

Launched in March, FastCompany.TV is an online video network which features coverage of technology trends, interviews with leading executives and business people, reviews of the latest technology products, as well as lifestyle programming. Shows currently featured include Scobleizer TV, Fast Company Live, and Workfast.

FastCompany.TV is a subsidiary of Mansueto Digital, which after a $10 million investment in 2007, now operates an expanding network of sites, which include,,, and