2010 photokina Launches “Pioneers” Site

2010 photokina Launches “Pioneers” Site


The launch of the website www.photokina-pioneers.com by the organizers of the 2010 photokina marks the start of the fair’s next stage of activities in the Web 2.0.

Under the motto “People with Passion for Pictures!”, photokina hopes that “Pioneers” will enable it to more strongly address a young target group that is perfectly at home on the Internet and uses it to share its passion for pictures with others worldwide. “Tight networking with other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, plus blog directories and the Web in general guarantees that the community will enjoy universal attention,” photokina organizers said in a released statement.

Anyone can become a photokina Pioneer, from professional photographers to enthusiasts, everyone is invited to share their love of pictures with the new community. Pioneers can immediately begin taking part in regular contests called “Challenges” to see where they stack up, exchanging tips and engaging in discussions. A constant stream of new Challenges will follow in the weeks and months ahead, giving the members the opportunity to express their enthusiasm for photography.

Prizes ranging from free photokina admission tickets to high-end digital cameras and top accessories will be awarded to the winners of each of these Challenges. Challenge winners will be determined on the basis of points. The individual members of the community can award a different number of points to each video, image or even text (depending on the Challenge) uploaded to the website.

Non-winning participants in the contests may be able to present their images at photokina from September 21-26 in Cologne, Germany. photokina will be displaying a selection of the best images to the trade fair's international public at the PIONEERS Cube, an area reserved for selected pioneers. To be eligible, the pioneer must have participated in all of the Challenges leading up to the fair and received top scores. The top three qualifiers for the PIONEERS Cube will be selected by a panel of experts before the trade fair.

You can find further information on the photokina PIONEERS in the press section of the photokina website here.