Picfari Mobile Website and App Target Travel Photography

Picfari Mobile Website and App Target Travel Photography


Newport Beach, CA—Picfari launched as a new website and free mobile app that are designed to appeal to anyone who loves to travel and take photos. The name itself is a moniker for a photo-driven travel tour.

“For most of us, taking great, high-quality photos of our vacations is just as important a journey as the trip itself,” said Picfari visionary and cofounder Scott Herr. “But the process of planning and taking well-composed, memorable snapshots also can be the most frustrating part of traveling. Picfari puts the fun back into travel photography with an engaging, easy-to-use mobile app and website that lets you research, explore, plan, map and create amazing vacation photos—and memories.”

Envisioned and founded by Herr and his wife, Jackie—both avid globetrotters—the Picfari app is a blend of travel and photography that helps photographers of all abilities to capture can’t-miss photo opportunities in popular destinations worldwide, no matter what they are shooting with.

“Picfari is an exciting new way to preplan your trip or to dream about your next destination, all from a photographic perspective,” added cofounder Jackie Herr. “With Picfari, you can view a collection of photo possibilities online and then decide on the photo ops you want to take advantage of on your trip.”

With more than 15,000 photos of top sights and landmarks in 350 top tourist spots worldwide, Picfari delivers no-guesswork photo ideas for amateur to professional photographers. In addition to providing an appealing way to armchair travel, browse destinations, plan photographic tours and enjoy beautiful photos, each Picfari shot is coded with accurate GPS/mapping technology so users can locate and find the locations featured.

Every Picfari photo selection also provides specific instructions (shutter speed, filters, etc.) to help users fine-tune their snapshots. Once travelers have selected a destination, Picfari leads them through a step-by-step process to customize a photo-driven tour (a Picfari) of the chosen destination based on the amount of time they will spend in that destination, which sights they want to see and what types of photos they want to take.

If there is not enough time to create a custom Picfari, users can select from one of hundreds of Picfaris designed by the company’s Picfari scouts and members of the Picfari community. After selecting or designing a custom Picfari, users can print and bring the Picfari tour map on the trip, or pull it up on a smartphone. And, the Picfari website will be constantly updated with new Picfaris and photos in new places around the globe.

When travelers return home, they can upload their photos to create new Picfaris or tag on to existing Picfaris to share with friends and the Picfari community. They also can share their Picfari shots via social media with an integrated interface that enables them to add details on each shot that enrich the travel experience. picfari.com