Our Consumer Complement

Our Consumer Complement


As Picture Business begins its eighth year bringing our readership the latest imaging industry news as well as our usual retail business and strategy content, we felt this might be the prefect time to expand our coverage and extend our reach.

Earlier this month, we launched Your-Digital-Life.com, a consumer imaging website dedicated to helping folks unlock the wonder of their images after they've captured them.

The feeling behind this effort was there are literally thousands of great “tech” sites out there along with plenty of places to find the best digital camera or learn about how to take the perfect photograph. Your-Digital-Life.com will pick up where these sites leave off and focus on the billions of photos and videos consumers have sitting on their hard drives. The site will be all about unlocking these memories and making them more a part of people's lives.

Expect daily blogs from industry experts, news updates, insightful features, product and service reviews and tons of tips and tricks. There are way too many images out there trapped on hard drives or stored on CDs/DVDs that may as well have never been captured.

The site represents the prefect complement to Picture Business as our goal is to help open consumers' eyes to all the great products and services our readership – imaging retailers and manufacturers – are offering.

The personalized photo merchandise market remains largely untapped, although substantial growth is expected over the next three to five years. While there are some in this industry that have sensed a lack of interest in these products as cause for the slow growth, we simply think it's a lack of awareness that has stalled this market.

Help us light this fire by being a part of Your-Digital-Life.com. Tell us your success stories. What are your customers excited about when it comes to their images? Send us your product/service news. Let us know about the next big thing in photo merchandise.

A photo stuck on a hard drive is akin to leaving a Bentley locked in the garage. Let's make this happen together. To put a bit more of a spin on the old quote W.C. Fields did some spinning on years ago, let's conclude by stating, “Images should be seen and not stored.”

Michael McEnaney