Picture Business Consultants Corner: Making Money in “Wireless”

Picture Business Consultants Corner: Making Money in “Wireless”


Back in January, I was flipping through the enormous CES show directory to map out my “hit list” of all the people, booths, sessions, receptions, etc. that I needed to visit during the week-long show. I came across the “Spotlight on Imaging” reception sponsored by Picture Business. As President of the Wireless Business Owners Consortium, I marked it as a “must-see” because one segment of WiBOC’s educational curriculum is devoted entirely to Mobile Imaging.

 While our team was at the “Spotlight on Imaging” reception enjoying the food and cocktails, I had the good fortune to meet Mike McEnaney, Editor of Picture Business. Within a few minutes of hearing about Picture Business’ initiatives, I knew that there was a connection between our two organizations.

 As the consumer electronics industry has evolved, Imaging (cameras) and Wireless (cell phones) are becoming increasingly connected. Today, over 92% of all cell phones are equipped with cameras and over 31 million cell phone users site their phone as their primary picture taking device. Savvy camera store owners are selling mobile phones while cellular resellers are starting to sell digital picture frames and photo developing services via products like Sony’s new mobile imaging print maker. Part of WiBOC’s mission is to educate business owners on how to secure their customer base and create repeat sales with new products and services. Camera phones are a natural for camera stores and the incremental income potential is significant.

 WiBOC first began as a web portal (www.WiBOC.org) for independent wireless retailers to gain access to resources, best practices, case studies, etc. and it eventually grew into a service-focused trade association dedicated to the needs of Cellular, Computer and now Camera Retailers. WiBOC now provides a broad range of business strategies, educational services and information on products and services that maximize reseller sales and profitability.

 By allowing owners and managers access to affordable expertise and resources through our network of subject matter experts, we are able to focus on the issues that have the greatest impact on profitability for a business. Our most successful members are those that incorporate forward-thinking strategies, products and services into their Business Plan.

 Throughout the year, we distribute the bi-weekly WiBOC Newsletter and The Mobile Minute which highlights owner sales, marketing, merchandising and other success stories that can make you money. WiBOC broadcasts over 20 training webinars and facilitates individual strategy sessions. Picture Business and WiBOC are collaborating on a series of reseller Business Summits themed, “Planning for Success.” The first one is scheduled for June 24 in Philadelphia and it will be hosted by Picture Business and several industry suppliers.

 WiBOC also conducts a 3-day, certification training for Retail Store Managers that covers a variety of issues including: Staff Recruiting and Retention, Training and Coaching, Compensation, Store Merchandising, Marketing and other issues that all store managers need to be versed on to run a store profitably.

 In the coming months, this column will feature best practices and strategies that camera store operators have implemented in an effort to develop the wireless side of their business. In the meantime, please take a moment to check out and join WiBOC at www.WiBOC.org.

 We look forward to welcoming camera store operators into WiBOC and helping you make more money in wireless.

To contact Mark regarding sales training and coaching to boost your business’ profitability, email him at MLandiak@CorpDyn.com or call (888)267-7396.