Picture Business Presents: Imaging’s Finest Awards 2006 The Imaging Industry’s Best Manufacturer...

Picture Business Presents: Imaging’s Finest Awards 2006 The Imaging Industry’s Best Manufacturer Support Programs


While we certainly are aware of the fact that you are inundated with numerous requests for your vote in a variety of imaging industry magazine award issues, we think we are asking for one in an award issue of a different sort.

Picture Business is presenting our 2006 Imaging’s Finest Awards, honoring the Best Manufacturer Support Programs in the industry, as selected by our readers. Who better to decide what manufacturers are getting retail support right than the folks who benefit most by receiving it?

At the highest level, “Manufacturer Support” is the perfect mix of national advertising combined with vigorous and proactive local ads and PR programs, both in-store and out. While that scenario certainly sounds good, how often is it actually present? Many would complain “not nearly enough” while others might be quick to praise the manufacturers that consistently “get it right”. Thus, we present to you an opportunity to tell us who is getting this vital part of the retail mix right.

We have broken this most important aspect to the manufacturer/retailer relationship down into several categories as you’ll see on the ballot you can access at this link — http://new.picturebusinessmag.com/awards/index.html Please write-in the name of the manufacturer that you feel excels in each of the listed categories.

When you are through filling out the ballot, either hit the enter button located at the end of the ballot or print the ballot out and fax it back to (215) 238-5346.

Results will be tabulated and the winners will appear in the November issue of Picture Business magazine.

Thanks in advance for your participation in this year’s Imaging’s Finest Awards.