E-Gear Partners with DataVision

E-Gear Partners with DataVision


Picture Business sister publication E-Gear Magazine is proud to announce its collaboration with DataVision, New York’s largest independent audio/video & computer retailer.

"DataVision is excited about the partnership with E-Gear, it will allow us to consistently support our consumers. By offering our consumers a free subscription to E-Gear magazine they will have they knowledge of the latest consumer electronics to assist them in their future purchases," said Jimmy Garson, CEO, DataVision

DataVision sells over tens of thousands of products each month via their online store (www.datavis.com). As a reward for the consumer purchase, DataVision will be giving their customers a free digital subscription to E-Gear magazine.

"We are excited about our partnership with DataVision. It allows E-Gear magazine to grow it’s circulation digitally and increasing our advertising partners share of voice," said Rick Albuck, Publisher, E-Gear magazine.

Digital subscriptions offer a variety of unique features for readers and advertisers:

– Digital magazine presentation is a true real time experience; no files are downloaded to a reader’s computer and no plug in software is required. This means a greater number of viewers will interact with E-Gear.

– Readers will have the interactive experience of flipping through E-Gear at their own pace in a format that is comfortable and entertaining. Including an interactive table of contents, links to advertisers, bookmarks and more.

– E-Gear will have an archive of all past issues and allow readers to view them. Each archived issue has all the features of the current live issue. That means any past ads will continue to link to the advertiser’s website which will, in turn, bring ongoing traffic.

For more information, please contact Rick Albuck, Publisher, E-Gear, at 215-238-5215 or rickalbuck@napco.com