Online Framing Service Available

Online Framing Service Available


Finding hassle-free ways to boost profits and increase customer satisfaction hasn’t been easy lately.  Pro Studio Supply, Inc. is providing exactly that an online framing service that includes printing, matting and framing with their Discount Print & Frame service.

“Pro Studio Supply Discount Print & Frame Online offers working photographers a way to get a larger portion of the customer purchase,” says Nancy Stall, chief marketing officer for Pro Studio Supply.

“Until recently, the lucrative printing and framing areas of the business eluded photographers, so that a large part of the sale went to someone else. Now photographers can control the entire sale, uploading their work for printing to paper or canvas, selecting from hundreds of quality mat and frame combinations online in a what you see is what you get format, and having it delivered ready to hang within days. All of this is available at wholesale discount prices, offering photographers considerable room to increase profits."

Stall adds, “Pro Studio Supply Discount Print & Frame Online gives photographers a very profitable additional revenue stream they didn’t have before. There is no investment on their part because everything is online.” For more information you can call customer service at 800-570-3686 weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST.