Promote May as National Photo Month

Promote May as National Photo Month


One of the more under-promoted possibilities to market the sheer joy in taking pictures as winter gives way to spring is PMA’s National Photo Month effort. As your customers begin to emerge for the winter malaise they have undoubtedly been in, May is great month to remind them to get their camera’s ready as graduations, spring and summer holidays and thrill of the great outdoors awaits them. Okay, if you do business in a warm-weather city like San Diego, I know you may be saying, “What’s the big deal?”, but some of us have suffered through a fairly cold and unforgiving winter, so listen up anyway. The PMA website offers up a host of tools and ideas to get you started on your way to promoting this.

Once at the site you’ll find the PMA Digital Admaker that allows you to take advantage of professionally produced print, broadcast and Internet advertising materials that you can customize with your store name, logo, and message.

Equifax Marketing Services and PMA have also partnered to help you with direct mail. PMA members can purchase lists at a discounted rate and tap into the database of a major credit bureau for prospects in direct mail promotions. Contact Michael Loy, Equifax, 248-603-3047 or

The Long Term Photo Care program helps you to educate your digital camera customers on how they can better manage, protect and preserve their digital pictures. Specifically designed to support photo specialty retailers, this program provides ready-to-use full color brochures featuring quick tips with an area for retailer imprint, easy-to-follow PowerPoint training presentation, a web page explaining the basics of Long Term Photo Care to your customers, and ready-to-print in-store signage for all your Long Term Photo Care merchandising campaign needs. This unique program works with you to identify the right products, services and instructional methods for your customers who actively use digital cameras.

The CPC and

SPFE certification programs provide quality education at an affordable price. These comprehensive training programs ensure sales associates are competent to handle practical situations, such as analyzing photographs, processes and equipment. Your employees will gain the knowledge needed to produce quality images, as well as the ability to recommend products and techniques to improve future results.

The site also features the World of Digital Photography: A Small Group Presentation – this is an easy-to-personalize PowerPoint presentation about digital photography that emphasizes the convenience of taking digital media to your local photo store for processing.  You can consider using this when giving a presentation at local schools, clubs, or community centers, or simply have playing in your store. It is set up as a downloadable file at the site.

Get your customers thinking and asking about National Photo Month this May and take advantage of tying some profitable promotions around this great idea.