Retail Quick Tip: Watch Your Language!

Retail Quick Tip: Watch Your Language!


It seems that retail managers and parents have a lot in common. It is not what we say, but whether what we say and what we do are in sync, that affects those around us.

What happened the last time a customer complained to you about poor quality or lousy service? I’m not talking about what you said to the customer; what you say about the customer to your employees afterward is of equal importance.

Did you say something negative? Maybe felt like tossing in some sarcasm to lighten the blow of his or her complaint? If you did, you can expect your employees to follow suit and not take customer complaints to heart. After all, if the manager belittles the customer, it sends the message that his or her view really doesn’t matter.

Your cash register thinks otherwise. Her opinion matters a great deal. This doesn’t mean you have to agree with the occasional outrageous complaint, but always treat the customer with respect, whether they are in earshot or not.

The customer may not hear you, but your words are being heard.