Roland’s New MPX-80

Roland’s New MPX-80


Roland Advanced Solutions Division (ASD) recently introduced the MPX-80 Photo Impact Printer. The new desktop device offers personalization capabilities for jewelry stores, gift shops and photography studios. As Roland’s fourth-generation Photo Impact Printer, the MPX-80 can personalize both flat and curved giftware like pens, cuff links and money clips. A new center vise helps keep these items secure during production.

The MPX-80 also has a new vector print mode for producing graphics, fonts, and logos. This new feature lets users create interesting visual effects by mixing vector designs with photos.

“The MPX-80 is a versatile and portable gift engraver,” said Rick Rivera, Roland ASD application specialist. “It adds instant value to a wide range of gifts and jewelry, turning them into one-of-a-kind mementos.”