Samsung Calls on Industry to Use Internet of Things to Tackle World’s...

Samsung Calls on Industry to Use Internet of Things to Tackle World’s Challenges


San Francisco, CA—The president and chief strategy officer of Samsung Electronics Co., Young Sohn, called on the technology industry to use the Internet of Things (IoT) to address major challenges the world faces. He emphasized the importance of open platforms and industry collaboration to accelerate development of new IoT applications and services.

“As an industry we must join together to use the power of IoT to address challenges posed by issues such as aging population demographics, water shortages, increasing traffic congestion, pollution and major health issues,” said Sohn. “We need to create powerful open platforms that will harness the information generated by IoT to develop new insights and new approaches to meet the challenges we face as a society.”

To enable faster deployment of IoT applications and services, Sohn announced the Samsung ARTIK platform. The production-ready, open platform includes the hardware, software, development boards, drivers, tools, advanced security features and connectivity for rapidly building cloud-connected IoT devices. ARTIK comes in various configurations to meet the specific requirements of a wide range of IoT market segments—from wearables and home automation to smart lighting. 

Alex Hawkinson, SmartThings founder and CEO, joined Sohn during his keynote to introduce SmartThings’ Open Cloud. Open Cloud is powered by SAMI, a data driven development platform Samsung announced last May. It includes simple, open APIs and SDKs. SmartThings’ Open Cloud allows any device connected to the Internet to communicate with any other connected device. It enables device makers to focus on building IoT devices and applications without having to build and maintain the cloud infrastructure required to connect those devices.

Sohn also announced the Samsung ARTIK Challenge, offering a top prize of $100,000 for the most effective use of IoT and ARTIK technology for reducing water consumption by individuals or municipalities.