Scared of Santa

Scared of Santa


We spotted a great idea on the Web last week – coming from a Web site tagged, a lifestyle site for the Ft. Lauderdale – Miami area. They recently added a section to the site encouraging visitors to upload photos from over the years that illustrate how afraid of Santa little kids can be.

The site received hundreds of entries that they narrowed down to a top 70. The collection of images that are now on the site are a delightful trip down holiday memory lane and a really fun click through for visitors.

This is the kind of idea that works so well for photo specialty because it gets consumers going through old photos and realizing that they should get them digitized or simply re-circulated back into their lives in some form. For imaging retailers, perhaps some kind of contest centered around this theme would work wonders as well. The basic idea here is getting people juiced about photography and thinking about sharing their images. The images on the South Florida site range from touching to amusing but each one elicits a response as you cruise through the site. Imagine how the actual families of the picture selected feel – undoubtedly tickled. The possibility to sell these images as varied photo gifts or to get new, perhaps restored prints made would appear to be quite high. All this from images that had been sitting in a shoebox, unseen by anyone for years. Bravo to the folks at for an idea that can take many forms.