Sony Launches “Road to Zero” Green Campaign

Sony Launches “Road to Zero” Green Campaign


Sony Corp. Wednesday announced the launch of its “Road to Zero” plan, which establishes environmental and energy efficiency goals for the company over the next five years, working towards the goal of “zero environmental footprint” by 2015.

The program has four goals- climate change, resource conservation, control of chemical substances and biodiversity- and implementation will begin globally next April.

“We are fully committed to putting our innovative spirit and technological expertise to use to help solve environmental challenges,” Sir Howard Stringer, Chairman, CEO and President of Sony Corp., said as part of the announcement. “From the development of new materials and energy-efficient technologies, to the introduction of better processes in manufacturing and production, we will work aggressively to meet the ambitious targets we are setting for ourselves and, at the same time, establish a model for others in our industries to follow.”

Goals announced by the company include:

– 30 percent reduction in annual energy consumption of products (compared to fiscal 2008)
– 10 percent reduction in product mass (compared to fiscal 2008)
– 50 percent absolute reduction in waste generation (compared to fiscal 2000)
– 30 percent absolute reduction in water consumption (compared to fiscal 2000)
– 16 percent reduction in incoming parts packaging waste (compared to fiscal 2008)
– Increase of waste recycle ratio to 99 percent or more
– 5 percent reduction in utilization ratio of virgin oil-based plastics in products  (compared to fiscal 2008)