Survey: Video Viewing Soaring

Survey: Video Viewing Soaring


It’s certainly no surprise to see that video consumption by consumers is on the rise and a recent study Forrester Research claims that rise is substantial. The study claims that video consumption in the U.S. will soar to 25 percent by 2013 with average video viewing going from the current four hours a day to five hours a day. The big increase, the report said, will come from people viewing content online, which is expected to build from 10 percent now to 35 percent in 2013; on mobile phones or portable devices, from 8 percent to 15 percent; and via VOD, from 20 percent to 45 percent.

“People love their content and want to watch it no matter where they can get it. They’ll even watch it on a small device, if that’s the option they have,” said James McQuivey, the Forrester analyst who authored the study. “There will be more advertising inventory coming from this extra hour of video. People will still be watching, but it probably won’t have the same form that we’re used to.”

As the YouTube generation begins expanding, from the younger demographic it now encompasses to the generations both in behind and in front of them, these numbers will only grow. The term “screenagers” was recently coined to describe the generation of users who have become seemingly addicted to watching video on handhelds, laptops and cell phones and with new, more advanced video devices and technology surely on the horizon video viewing will undoubtedly grow and even take on a few new, unexpected forms.