T-Mobile Cameo: A Digi Frame That Accepts E-Mailed Images

T-Mobile Cameo: A Digi Frame That Accepts E-Mailed Images


A digital frame that can receive photos via e-mail and a promotion involving free plane tickets were among recent holiday announcements from T-Mobile.

The Parrot-manufactured T-Mobile Cameo digital photo frame comes with its own phone number so users can send it images via multimedia messaging.  It can also receive images via e-mail.  The phone number isn’t free, however.  The service fee is $9.95 per month on top of the initial cost of the frame at $99.99.  The T-Mobile Cameo was recently made available.

T-Mobile also announced that it will offer complimentary companion plane tickets (buy-one, get-one-free) to new and existing customers who sign up for a two-year contract.  Users who sign up for a family plan get a companion ticket for each line on their plan (up to five).  The offer runs from November 19 to December 24, 2008 and the tickets are valid for one year (until February 15, 2010), have no blackout dates and reach over 100 U.S. destinations.