Targeting Consumers at Work

Targeting Consumers at Work


A recent study done by consumer intelligence firm BIGresearch finds that Americans are spending 60 percent of their waking hours at work, more than ever before. This simple fact has many marketing folks rethinking their ad budgets. With so many consumers today now researching products online before making a purchase, studies like the aforementioned BIGresearch one are showing that much of that research is being done during working hours.

The study actually found that 47.2 percent of consumers surveyed reported having researched electronics online in the last 90 days during the workday before making a purchase in a store. And, almost half of at-work consumers indicate they regularly or occasionally dine out or purchase groceries and beverages during the workday, according to the report.

“As marketers are looking to maximize ROI, the importance of targeting gainfully employed, value-seeking consumers is essential,” explained Phil Rist, EVP-Strategy at BIGresearch.

The report adds that rising gas prices and busy schedules are forcing many consumers to consolidate shopping trips, making purchases on their drive to or from work, or during their lunch break. Marketers should be leveraging this behavior to influence purchase decisions in the workplace and buying during commute time.

The report also adds that word-of-mouth (WOM) is highly influential on purchases made by at-work consumers, with 95.6 percent indicating they regularly or occasionally give advice to their peers about products and services, and 92.9 percent indicating they also seek advice from peers before making purchases.