Smaller Cam Modules from Tessera

Smaller Cam Modules from Tessera


Tessera recently announced that a technology breakthrough in the wafer-optics world (3-megapixel wafer-level optics) will enable smaller, lower-cost, higher-quality camera modules.

Developed forphones, web cams, and other camera-enabled mobile devices, the new solution combines its wafer-level optics with its image enhancement solution for extended depth of field that, as Tessera explains, yields an in-focus image between 20cm to 30cm and infinity – with no moving parts – making it more reliable and cost-effective than mechanical approaches, the company claims.”

Tessera says its OptiML wafer-level optics technology yields “thousands of miniature camera lenses on a single wafer,” which are stacked to achieve the required performance for the 3-megapixel design.

Sampling of Tessera integrated 3MPix wafer-level optics technology is expected to start in Quarter 4, 2009.