Texters Drive Mobile Shopping

Texters Drive Mobile Shopping


As text messaging continues to grow so too does mobile shopping and it’s many of those text messagers that are driving this market – 20 percent, or 51.8 million of them  spend more than $1,000 online annually versus 17 percent of all mobile phone users according to Scarborough Research.

According to Scarborough, when mobile-phone users take their phones shopping, “most use them to comparison shop, look for reviews or ask for advice, rather than for purchasing an item.” That, according to the report, leaves a lot of room for growth in mobile shopping.

According to a recent study conducted by Retail Customer Experience.com, shoppers who use a mobile phone as part of an in-store shopping experience are 6 percent more likely to buy something in the store. That’s valuable knowledge in a tight economy when any advantage helps. Of those surveyed, 29 percent of mobile phone users said they have used their mobile phone as part the shopping experience once inside a store.

In breaking that question down further, 72 percent said they used the device to ask someone about a product they were considering purchasing; 40 percent said they used it to send a picture of a product I might purchase; 24 percent used it to look at the Internet to comparison shop; and 15 percent said they used it to look at the Internet for product reviews on a particular product they were interested in.