The CAMEO Style Way

The CAMEO Style Way


The idea behind the CAMEO Style, explain the system creators, was to allow consumers to go from pictures to products in an effortless, enjoyable way. The company adds that while the photo industry “continues to focus on the cheapest 4×6 prints” they noticed that people were taking more and more digital pictures, but had very little to show for it.

The CAMEO Style Creative Kiosk was designed to allow customers to make photo albums, picture frames, calendars, and more, at retail, while delivering that all-important instant gratification part of the equation. “Your customers simply drop in their camera, CD, or memory card, and in minutes the CAMEO Style system can take them from inspiration to finished product,” they explain.

“The message Cameo brings is a simple one – you cannot ignore the billions of pictures your customers have, not when your business helps celebrate the important occasions of their lives,” said one of the company’s founders, Ravid Butz.

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