Apple Mobile Ad Platform Launching

Apple Mobile Ad Platform Launching


The mobile ad world is getting a big boost and it’s no surprise who is leading the way. Apple explains that their new mobile advertising platform, “combines the emotion of TV ads with the interactivity of web ads.”

When users click on most typical mobile ads they are usually taken out of their app to a web browser, which loads the advertiser's webpage. The user then has to navigate back to their app and often times find it difficult to return to exactly where they were. Apple’s iAd solves this problem by displaying full-screen video and interactive ad content without ever leaving the app, and letting users return to their app anytime they choose.

Apple’s iOS SDK 4 lets developers easily embed iAd opportunities within their apps and the ads are dynamically and wirelessly delivered to the mobile device. Apple explains that they will sell and serve the ads and developers will receive 60 percent of iAd revenue.

Apple actually launched its iAd mobile advertising program a few months ago on iPhone and iPod touch devices running the new iOS 4. Apple adds that based on the current size of the market the company could potentially take nearly a 50% share of mobile ads in the second half of 2010.

“iAds will reach millions of iPhone and iPod touch users,” the company's chief executive Steve Jobs said, “a highly desirable demographic for advertisers.” He also said iAds would “provide developers a new way to earn money so they can continue developing free and low cost applications.”