Sentina Debuts Signage Solution

Sentina Debuts Signage Solution


Whoever says instant messaging is only for consumers hasn’t spoken with the many small business owners who have recently put the new Sentina uSign LED display series in action to transform the way they communicate with their customers on a daily basis. 

Recently debuted by Sentina  ( HYPERLINK “” ) the $80.00 infinitely flexible and customizable series of LED displays enables business owners to create and print custom messaging direct from their PC or notebooks onto 8-1/2” X 11” transparencies and then slip them into uSign LED displays that can be stacked or hung in any size configuration within their retail or office environment.

“We hit an economically challenged market with an affordable and innovative solution that is quickly transforming the way businesses speak to their customers,” today asserted Mei Noguchi, President of Sentina.  “For as little as $80.00, these creative, forward thinking buyers are able to borrow a page from consumer social networking and make business-to-consumer instant messaging a practical and profitable reality!”

According to Noguchi, restaurants, bars, hotels, exhibit companies, health clubs, houses of worship, and doctors are all buying Sentina uSign LED displays and using them to constantly update their consumer messaging in a creative, affordable and eco-friendly way.

“The Sentina uSign is the next-generation LED signage solution designed to put every business in an energy saving light that will simultaneously stop customers in their tracks – and allow businesses to communicate their message, product offering, sales special, or menu of the day,” Noguchi asserted.