Think Tank Case Released

Think Tank Case Released


Think Tank Photo recently announced the release of the Logistics Manager, its first rolling equipment case for lighting and photographic gear.  The rolling case’s interior layout options adapt to numerous equipment combinations and help manage all of the logistics of transporting and using a lot of gear while on location.

Its roomy internal dimensions of 13.75”W x 27.5”H x 8.25-10”D (35 x 70 x 21-25.5 cm) allow it to hold multiple combinations of cameras and lenses, lighting gear such as strobes and reflectors, and accessories of all kinds. 

As there are many instances when photographers shooting on location must leave behind some or all of their gear, Logistics Manager offers a three-tier security system: A TSA combination lock to secure the main zipper; A rear security cable and combination lock allow the roller to be locked to immovable objects; A Security ID Plate with online plate registration allows lost gear to be identified and returned to the owner.