Tips for A+ Classes and Seminars

Tips for A+ Classes and Seminars


1. Talent counts! Make sure your instructors are lively, patient and have a quick sense of humor.

2. Make it visual. Use many, many images as examples and don’t keep ‘em up longer than a couple minutes each. Consultant Bill McCurry suggests using as many local images as possible, to make the seminar seem relevant and accessible.

3. Shy away from semesters. People are busy. They might be too intimidated to sign up for a 6-week course, but they’ll gladly devote a couple of “Sunday school” hours for a targeted seminar.

4. Charge! Customers are more likely to show up if they’ve made a small investment, even if it’s ten bucks.

5. Bring on the coupons. Nikon’s Scott Diussa suggests handing out coupons at the end of seminars offering photofinishing credit or discounts on accessories.