Olympus Launches Virtual PEN Campaign

Olympus Launches Virtual PEN Campaign


To promote the amazing Olympus PEN E-PL1 portable camera featuring professional digital single lens reflex (DSLR) image quality, point-and-shoot simplicity and high-definition (HD) video, Olympus has created an advertising campaign as innovative as the camera itself.

The campaign introduces one of the newest and most groundbreaking media technologies: augmented reality, allowing the user a virtual 3D product experience with the PEN.
Readers of the June print issue of Wired and the July print issue of Popular Photography will find an augmented reality tip-in card shaped like the Olympus PEN (actual size). The camera card peels off the insert and serves as a marker for use in front of a webcam. Simple instructions for the demo are included and direct users to the Olympus augmented reality site.
The augmented reality demo experience enables you to see how simple and innovative this new hybrid camera really is by allowing you to virtually test-drive the PEN. The webcam acts as the camera’s lens. As you hold the camera card in front of a webcam and visit the augmented reality site, a dynamic 3D online product experience is launched where you can see yourself, interact with the camera and simulate product features. You can take pictures, shoot video, try the flash, utilize Live Guide, remove the lens and even use a variety of in-camera Art Filters with the virtual PEN, all while manipulating the 3D camera marker in your hands.
You can experience this virtual advertisement by visiting here. Print a PDF of the camera card or simply watch a simulation. You can experience all the functionality of the demo along with narration.
“We know the importance of getting the product in the hands of the consumer, and wanted to offer them a rich and interactive experience. This encounter is similar to actually using the PEN, right from your personal computer. The augmented reality experience will allow you to realize the power and creativity of this small, easy-to-use and incredibly fun camera. It truly is powerfully simple,” said Mark Huggins, executive director, Brand Marketing, Olympus Imaging America Inc.

“Our advertising for the PEN aims to inspire and empower consumers by telling them, ‘Look what you can do.’ We believe showing is as important as telling when it comes to illustrating the camera’s features—and that’s exactly what the augmented reality technology enables. It’s the pro-quality camera for people like you.”