Diversify & Conquer

Diversify & Conquer


One of the best ways to build a more profitable and sustainable business is by increasing and diversifying your opportunities. You've certainly heard the expression “one size doesn't fit all,” and in the publishing world today those words ring particularly true.

Speaking specifically about Picture Business and more generally about the publishing company behind the publication, NAPCO, we place great value on communication with our customers (retailers and manufacturers) and believe in constantly analyzing their needs. It would be short-sighted to think that we are serving our clients by only offering opportunities and information in print. This is why I want to take this opportunity to tell you all about the various investments we have made and continue to make to support our industry with new and exciting opportunities and services.

Live Events: The CEA Line Shows program will once again take place in New York the week of June 20th, with additional activities also planned as part of the first-ever CE Week.

The “LineShows” part of this week-long event will be held at 7 West 34th St. in New York on June 22 and 23, while an additional event, CEA DemoSuites, will be held June 21 and 22 at the Affinia Hotel at 371 7th Avenue. CEA LineShows, held for the third year, will consist of both a show floor and a conference program, while CEA DemoSuites will include home theater and residential tech-based demonstrations among others.

Both are part of the inaugural CE Week, presented by the Consumer Electronics Association, which aims to do for New York City in June what CES does for Las Vegas in January. CE Week, June 20-24, will feature the two conferences as well as numerous other CE-focused events throughout Manhattan. A tremendous opportunity to both showcase and check out what's planned for the rest of 2011 in the CE/Imaging markets.

Custom Publishing: NAPCO's Consumer Technology Publishing Group (CTPG) is proud to partner with important industry associations, buying groups and manufacturers to produce a host of custom publishing products. We are proud to be a custom publisher for CEA's CES and equally proud to produce the popular CEDIA Electronic Lifestyles®. We offer high-quality, turnkey solutions for everything from company newsletters to product catalogues and trade show guides/planners.

For those who are looking for help producing effective marketing messages, we have created the All Access Marketing for Growth powered by the Almond Tree suite of services. Providing cost-effective marketing tools and solutions, the team is highly qualified to assist you with strategy, branding, and anything from website design to print ads and everything in between.

Websites: All of the sites within our group of publications offer an unparalleled online experience and now we've added another one that speaks directly to your customers—the picture-taking public—www.your-digital-life.com. The focus here, as we've already explained, is on after-capture, and we are quickly discovering it is a market segment that needed some attention.

e-Newsletters: Picture Business Digital Clique and the daily Dealerscope Today have welcomed a host of new siblings with the launch of Daily Exclusives, E-Gear's weekly e-Newsletter (through our consumer print publication E-Gear) and our robust family of Tell sites—Gadgetell, Gamertell, Appletell and HomeTechTell. The traffic is amazing. We welcome your feedback as we continue integrate new sites into our overall operation.

All of the above provide you with a reach that goes way beyond what traditional methods offer and opens up a variety of unique ways to speak to your customers using an effective mix of print, web and face-to-face communication. Simply stated, you need to be doing all three today.

While we all continue to recover from what has been a rough go of late, Picture Business and NAPCO will continue to invest in innovative products and communication services that help you grow your business and improve your profits.

Michael McEnaney