Holiday Wish List

Holiday Wish List


When it comes to Christmas I have to say I agree with the old Erma Bombeck quote, “There's nothing sadder in this world than to awake Christmas morning and not be a child.”

As much as you live through the wonder of your children this time of year, there is noting quite like truly believing.

That being said, I do dare dream a bit now and then, and there are always a bunch of things I wish for around this time of year—most of which I keep to myself. However, there are a few I can share in this space.

1. I wish imaging industry manufacturers would rediscover the value in trade magazine advertising. There was a time, not that long ago, that many of them did understand the value in speaking directly to the retail channel in print. And print is indeed still standing. I read a newspaper this morning and it was a most enlightening experience, so I know this to be true.

2. I wish for a DSLR that would tell me, in Auto Mode, why the picture I was about to capture wasn't going to be that good and quickly list the reasons why.

3. I wish that quality will begin to matter again soon. Crummy images, tinny sounding music, mediocre online content…just because you can do something quickly and conveniently shouldn't mean that it's OK for it to suck.

4. I wish that PMA would work more closely with the National Retail Federation so they might include some of the really cool things that are on the NRF Show floor every year that speak to the exciting future of retailing.

5. I wish that the Las Vegas Convention Center would add a few of those moving walkways that you see in airports—that go from the North Hall to the Central Hall to the South Hall. (I even fantasize about this one.)

6. I wish that this industry will have me for many more years because it is full of some of the coolest people and brightest minds I have ever met. And the products are pretty amazing too.

Happy Holidays To All…And To All A Good Year!


Michael McEnaney