Wireless Camera Phone Printing

Wireless Camera Phone Printing


Among the many companies that are bringing technology to market and is allowing camera phone users a more convenient route to sharing and printing their digital photos is TAK Imaging. The company recently debuted their new wireless Bluetooth image file transfer and printing solution that revolves around the company’s flagship TAK S1 and TAK S1R printer controllers.

The TAK S1 and TAK S1R are system-on-a-chip (SOC) silicon products which enable state-of-the-art digital consumer photo printing. This new Bluetooth capability, which is offered as a software option to TAK’s base software package, enables Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Original Device Manufacturers (ODMs) to shorten their design cycles and production costs.

“We see the ability to print directly from camera phones rapidly becoming important in today’s digital marketplace,” said Christian Joly, CEO of TAK Imaging. “Wireless printing is the most convenient way for consumers to get images out of their mobile devices and on to paper. Because our Bluetooth stack is pre-certified, printer manufacturers can feel confident that they are getting a high-performance, high-quality solution that will enable them to reduce the time-to-market of their Bluetooth-enabled printers.”

Yet another player in this mix is Paris, France-based Parrot, a company that specializes in producing Bluetooth-enabled products – from digital frames to LCDs for automobiles. Their latest effort, Parrot’s Photo Viewer, connects to any Bluetooth-enabled phone from up to 30 feet away to receive, store and display photos from the users phone or PC without any cables or wires. The three-and-a-half-inch frame can hold over 100 JPEG photos.

As the technology improves within the camera phone market, expect to see more and more manufacturers jump into the “camera phone solution” market with products that allow this growing consumer segment to print and share the pics they are capturing on their cell phones. Stay tuned to this market as the lid may be about to be blown off it.