Words of Hope From Noritsu Amid Japan Disasters

Words of Hope From Noritsu Amid Japan Disasters


A message from Noritsu:

As has been widely reported all over the world, a deadly earthquake struck the northeastern part of Japan on the afternoon of March 11, and this has been classified as the most powerful earthquake in Japan’s recorded history.

This massive earthquake triggered huge tsunamis, which struck the coastline soon after the quake occurred and cleared a path of destruction, extending several kilometers inland in some areas, and literally wiping out towns and communities along the way. The scale of destruction is really indescribable. Like many people around the world, NK Works and the entire Noritsu group have been following the events in northern Japan and we are shocked at the devastation that this earthquake and tsunami have brought.

We offer our sincere condolences to the victims of this disaster, and our hearts go out to all the people who have had their lives affected by this tragic event. We have received many communications from people all over the world offering words of encouragement and expressing their concern regarding the safety of the Japan-based employees of Noritsu/NK Works in the wake of this event, and we are very grateful for these correspondences and kind words.

Fortunately NK Works is separated from the epicenter by a distance of approximately 1,000 kilometers, so there was absolutely no damage to the facilities, and all Noritsu employees were well out of harm’s way. We have been investigating the affect of this disaster, and with our infrastructure in tact, will continue the production and distribution of our high quality products and parts.

In Japan, Noritsu equipment is used by customers throughout all areas of the country, including areas affected by the recent natural disaster. We are doing our best to establish contact with each and every one of our customers who may have been affected, and we, Noritsu group employees and group companies, would like to help them and support them as much as we can.