Worldwide Distribution for Lensbabies

Worldwide Distribution for Lensbabies


Lensbabies, LLC has announced that they now have worldwide distribution of the Lensbaby family of selective focus SLR camera lenses and accessories.

“The most respected industry distributors are now representing Lensbabies in nearly all key markets around the world, from Germany to Japan, from Russia to South Africa,” the company said in a released statement. Lensbabies, LLC now distributes its product line directly to retail stores in eth United States and Canada.

“Lensbabies is very excited to have aligned ourselves with 35 premier distributors in all of the major markets around the world,” said Sam Pardue, CEO of Lensbabies. “Not only has the Lensbaby product line captured the imagination of photographers around the world, but retailers worldwide appreciate the profitable sales generated by our line of creative lenses and accessories.”

Perhaps just as important as the distribution news is the Lensbabies philosophy of moving accessories at retail. “The idea behind our product is really this idea of expanding the customers imagination for photography,” added Pardue. “That’s ultimately what the retailer has to do when selling their customers imaging accessories. Help the customer expand their photographic imagination by taking that extra time to get them to try a product out. Seeing a product like ours is the key and that’s true about so many of the accessories out there today.”

Pardue added that retailers can also heighten accessory sales by creating interesting multi-product packages, combining several accessories into a value-added bundle for their customers.

Pardue’s advice appears to be well-timed as a recent report from the Consumer Electronics Association has found that 82 percent, or about two-thirds, of consumers purchase accessories long after they buy their primary product, which means they’re probably buying those accessories from a different retailer.

CEA points to a few reasons: Buyers are so excited with their main purchase they probably overlook the secondary details of accessories. Many buyers are also unaware of the products they need or what accessories are even available, such as mounts, cables and universal remotes, CEA reports in its “The CE Accessories Market: Insights and Opportunities report.”

Another reason is that consumers often have a general budget in mind for planned purchases and aren’t prepared to spend an extra 15 percent on accessories, the average ratio of accessory to CE purchase, CEA reports. Consumers usually break up large purchases into smaller pieces to spread the cost over a longer period.

Manufacturers that offer retailers new and interesting POP materials are helping out in this area a well ands Lensbabies has added a quick and informative in-store digital frame slideshow for their product line as well. Shipped on an SD card, the presentation walks the user through the benefits and fun in using the Lensbabies’ product line. A photobook that pictures the results possible for consumers when using the lenses is also part of the in-store POP package.

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