Wynit to Offer Banner America Laminators

Wynit to Offer Banner America Laminators


With the large format market in strong growth mode and with LF services beginning to show up some diverse channels, it’s interesting to see WYNIT Inc. and Banner America team up on partnership whereby Banner will supply WYNIT with their large format lamination products including the Entry 45 & Finisher 43. In addition, WYNIT will also offer dealers nationwide DigiKote Films for the large format lamination/printer market.

As for the product, the Entry 4500 is Banner American’s newest 45” (114.3cm) roll laminator and the company describes it as, “the ideal entry-level laminator for large format imaging service.” Banner’s Finisher 4300 model features heated Laminating Rollers, spring-loaded core gripper, removable heat shoes and fan assemblies. The unit has a 43” capacity.

Sales of wide-format inkjet and electrostatic printers have grown steadily over the past several years, according to Pete Richichi, Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing at WYNIT. Laminating is often required to produce a finished product from a wide-format printer.

“As a matter of fact, most printer manufacturers recommend the laminating of wide-format prints. So, to complement Banner’s Finisher 4300 roll laminator, WYNIT will also sell to its dealers a line of laminating films designed specifically for the wide-format market.”