WYNIT Releases Fall/Winter Catalog

WYNIT Releases Fall/Winter Catalog


WYNIT, Inc., announced this week that it has shipped its Fall/Winter 2008 Full Line Catalog.

“The catalog features thousands of individual product listings, SKU numbers, product descriptions and color product pictures, released at a time to aid resellers in finding profit opportunities for the holidays,” the company’s marketing vice president, Jay LaBarge, said as part of the announcement.

Brands represented in the catalog include Canon, Epson, Fujifilm, Garmin, Harman, HP, Hitachi, Kodak, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Primera, SanDisk, Sharp, TomTom, and many others, in eleven categories.

The 212-page catalog can be obtained by calling the company’s 1-800-GO WYNIT, or e-mailing sales@wynit.com