X-Rite Rolls Out Color Management Solutions

X-Rite Rolls Out Color Management Solutions


X-Rite unveiled its dynamic X-Rite i1 family of color management solutions “for a growing digital imaging market” as they explain, including the launch of two RGB products, the colorimeter-driven X-Rite i1DisplayLT for digital imaging enthusiasts and, for those who seek “monitor to print match” RGB workflow, the spectrophotometer-powered X-Rite i1PhotoLT.

The USB X-Rite i1Display colorimeter systems, “deliver an accurately profiled monitor with unrivaled controls for precise color in studio.” The company added that the X-Rite i1DisplayLT makes easy work of color balancing monitors for digital imaging enthusiasts and serious photographers alike with a Wizard-driven user mode, and comes packaged within an X-Rite i1Display measurement device for fast and simple color reads. This Mac and Windows-compatible emission-only colorimeter features an ambient measurement head and X-Rite i1Match software for monitors.

The X-Rite i1Photo provides all the tools to implement a complete color-precise digital RGB workflow, including the ability to calibrate all types of monitors and profile scanners, digital cameras and digital projectors. Its ambient light head also allows the capture of natural lighting conditions. The X-Rite i1Photo comes complete with full RGB test chart technology plus a quick method of creating small test chart CMYK (Easy) profiles for in-house comps in a snap. Ultra upgradeable to full CMYK test chart technology via easy access codes.

The all-new X-Rite-i1 product line is the result of a merger with fellow world-class color technology developer GretagMacbeth. “The products are designed for seamless color management throughout the entire creative workflow,” X-Rite explains.