Xerox Event for Photo Retail

Xerox Event for Photo Retail


Xerox is holding an interesting event next week that zeros in on a vital revenue stream for imaging retailers today – the Photo Book market. Photo Book Thought Leadership Workshop at the Hatch Center in suburban Rochester, New York on Oct 10 & 11 will focus various ways retailers can, “expand revenue, grow your business, and get up to $3 a page for a Xerox print,” organizers tell us.

Xerox tells us the event will center around presenting attendees with everything needed to understand and be successful in custom Photo Printing. Covering market opportunities for printing photo cards, photo books, photo calendars, and a variety of other photo novelties, the event will include presentations by four leading software providers in the photo gift space:  Whitech, DigiLabs, Pixami and MyPhotoFun. The event will also include several panel discussions on topics like educating your customers on the best way to make and finish personalized photo products.

“The Photo Book Thought Leadership Workshop on Oct 10 & 11, will feature speakers from the Book Publishing and Printing world addressing issues associated with Digital Dynamics of the Photo Book Market, Production Technologies, Software Tools for Photo Applications and Integrated Print Finishing Solutions,” Xerox said in a released statement. For more information e-mail