YesVideo Offers MemorySafe Archiving

YesVideo Offers MemorySafe Archiving


YesVideo recently introduced MemorySafe, a digital archive companion program for videos and photos transferred to YesDVD, YesVideo’s digital transfer service.

MemorySafe provides protection from loss and damage, while enabling private online access for viewing and sharing of videos and photos. Starting today, MemorySafe is available for all new YesDVD orders placed at Bartell Drugs, CVS/Pharmacy and Walgreens stores nationwide.

YesDVD customers can view and share their YesDVDs on by entering a unique code provided with the order. Through this website, users can view their home movies and photographs online, share their memories with family members and order additional copies of their YesDVD. After 30 days of free viewing, customers have the option to subscribe to the MemorySafe archival service, where their home movie and photo content will be protected and available for generations to come. MemorySafe online protection delivers the added benefit of managing and organizing all YesDVD videos in a personal video library.

“Physical video and photo media are susceptible to damage from natural disasters and loss and often cannot be recovered. YesVideo MemorySafe provides our customers the peace of mind that their video memories will be protected for generations to come,” said Greg Ayres, Chief Operating Officer of YesVideo.

 “YesVideo is committed to making our customers’ precious memories available to the entire family. By maintaining a digital archive of their YesDVD titles using the MemorySafe program, our customers are able to ‘future proof’ their memories – making it possible to have their home movies transferred onto the next generation of media formats.”