Zip Offering At-Home House Calls On More Products

Zip Offering At-Home House Calls On More Products


Zip Express Installation’s primary business has always been the installation of home electronics such as home theater and computer systems. As the years have rolled by the company has received such great feedback on their training services that they recently added in-home training services for additional electronics. In addition to TV and home theatre installation and training, Zip Express now offers the first in-home set-up and training for digital cameras and computers/laptops.

We all give and receive great electronics, but they often times go unused or used incorrectly. With more than 16,000 technicians nationwide, Zip is available across the country and guaranteed to let people enjoy their new electronics immediately, and to their fullest potential.

Their Digital Camera Setup and Training operate thusly – By setting an online appointment with Zip Express (next day, two-day, or five-day), a technician will arrive and walk the customer through the following:

• Connecting the digital camera to the main computer or laptop and installing any supplied software

• How to use the digital camera and download pictures from the camera to the computer

• How to move, edit, store and archive pictures

• Reviewing printing options for pictures, how to burn pictures on to a CD/DVD and create slide shows

• Ensuring that you can easily use the camera in the future

Setup and training services for digital cameras start at $129.99 for a one-hour training session. More information on this service can be found here.