PromarkBrands and OmegaBrandess Merge

PromarkBrands and OmegaBrandess Merge


Bartlett, IL—A new partnership was formed between PromarkBrands and OmegaBrandess Distribution. The two companies announced that they have merged together to form one company. Moreover, the combined company will make for one of the “largest as well as most diverse sources of products catering to the photographic, video and audio market”—at both the professional and semiprofessional levels.

PromarkBrands and OmegaBrandess

Since 1994, PromarkBrands has manufactured and distributed equipment and accessories for the pro and semipro photo, video and audio industries. Its brands currently include Cool-Lux; Dot Line; Logan; Norman; Photogenic; Photoflex; Quantum Instruments; Radiopopper; Smith-Victor; Speedotron; Lumedyne; Mola; as well as Nady. PromarkBrands and OmegaBrandessLogoFurther, the company’s modern 100,000-square-foot facility is located in the Chicago suburbs.

In addition, OmegaBrandess Distribution has served photographic retailers and consumers for decades. OmegaBrandess has manufactured as well as distributed photographic and imaging products for more than 75 years. What’s more, it supplies the photo-imaging industry with more than ten thousand products.

The history of OmegaBrandess starts back in 1935, when three brothers—Fred, Rudolph and Alfred Simmon—produced a domestic enlarger for the 35mm camera format. In 1936, they chose the Greek letter Omega as their trademark and registered it with the U.S. Patent Office. Over the years, they adapted to the market and came out with several different enlargers.PromarkBrands and OmegaBrandess-Logo

In November 1990, the company made its first acquisition when it purchased the assets of Arkay Corp. of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This included the King Concept operation in Minneapolis, to become Omega/Arkay.

In 1995, they purchased the assets of Satter Inc. in Denver, Colorado. Satter distributed and marketed major photographic lines such as Achiever electronic flashes; Tiffen filters; Forte black & white paper and film; as well as its own Tundra brand bags, batteries, tripods, camera cases and accessories.

Then, in 2010, Omega acquired the assets of Brandess Kalt Aetna Group to become known as OmegaBrandess Distribution. Like Satter, BKA had a large catalog of photographic products that targeted the enthusiast. Moreover, that acquisition more than doubled the size of the company.

Today, the company offers products from a wide range of companies, including Kodak, Pelican, Giottos and Gary Fong, from its Hampstead, Maryland, facility.