Canon hdAlbum EZ 2.1 with Updated Edit Functions

Melville, NY—Thanks to an update of the Canon hdAlbum EZ 2.1 application, creators of Canon hdAlbum EZ photo books can enjoy new features. For beginners to advanced designers, the latest application update provides consumers...

Printing Press: What’s Happening January/February 2021

The first installation of Printing Press for the year, What’s Happening January/February 2021, covers printers, printers and more printers. They range from HP Indigo units to meet Shutterfly’s printed photo products demand to versatile...

GoPro Quik App Released

San Mateo, CA—GoPro released a total refresh of its mobile app and gave it a new name to reflect its purpose. Named the GoPro Quik app, it makes it quick and easy to get...

DJI FPV Drone “Reinvents” Cinema Flight Experience

Los Angeles, CA—DJI, provider of civilian drones and creative camera technology, launched a new type of drone. The DJI FPV drone boasts an intuitive, immersive flight experience never available until now. The DJI FPV combines...

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