Editor’s Note: This May Be the Worst of Times

This may be the worst of times. With those sobering words, we’re still committed to publishing Digital Imaging Reporter, to help keep our industry partners informed and together during the Covid-19 Pandemic. The current business...

DIR’s 2020 Superstars behind the Counter Salute

Digital Imaging Reporter is pleased to present our 2020 Superstars behind the Counter salute. The winners were nominated by their managers, their peers as well as manufacturers who recognize their value and appreciate their...

Sony ZV-1 Camera for Vloggers & Video Content Creators

San Diego, CA—Sony Electronics introduced the pocket-size ZV-1 digital camera, a lightweight, compact all-in-one solution. For content creators and vloggers of all skill levels, the Sony ZV-1 combines easy-to-use features with Sony’s imaging technology. “Sony’s...

Aputure Light Storm LS 300x Bicolor LED Fixture

Los Angeles, CA—Aputure introduced its newest LED light fixture—the Aputure Light Storm LS 300x. For shooting stills and video, the LS 300x is the first bicolor Bowens-S mount lighting fixture compatible with optical lens...

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