KEH Pre-Owned Camera Gear Supports Value & Conscientious Consumerism

KEH Pre-Owned Camera Gear Supports Value & Conscientious Consumerism


Atlanta, GA—Among the largest purchasers and resellers of pre-owned camera gear in North America, KEH reaffirmed its commitment to offering consumers the unique opportunity to raise cash and acquire top-grade camera equipment. And they can do this all while championing their individual and global sustainability aspirations. A pioneer and leader in building the circular economy, KEH aims to minimize waste and environmental impact by keeping products in use for as long as possible.

“KEH is the original trailblazer in the world of circularity, the pioneer in buying, selling and trading certified pre-owned camera gear,” said Noah Treshnell, CEO of KEH. “We don’t rely on superficial ‘green-washed’ marketing to affirm our commitment to sustainability. It’s ingrained in our very business model. For more than 40 years, KEH has been on the right side of history.”

KEH Supports Conscientious Consumerism

The company’s strategy is supported by the latest research that indicates sustainable shopping is experiencing a resurgence among younger generations. The latest Sustainable Global Growth and Shopper Expectations report by ESW finds 94% of gen Z consumers say they take sustainability into consideration when shopping. Moreover, millennials are right behind them at 93%. Additionally, out of the 16,000 shoppers residing in the 16 countries surveyed, 71% say they are more willing to purchase a product if it has a positive environmental impact.

Further, 62% of gen Z shoppers say they prefer to buy from sustainable brands. Additionally, a remarkable 73% report they are willing to pay extra for eco-friendly products. Notably, pre-owned goods align perfectly with sustainability values by reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing new items.

The company believes the temptation to buy the latest technology and discard whatever came before it is one of the primary shopping strategies in today’s consumer landscape. However, this quick product turnover is detrimental to sustainability goals. Globally, nearly 40 million tons of electronic waste is generated annually. KEH-logo

However, with 60,000+ items in stock and available online or through its call center, KEH makes it simple for consumers to shop sustainably while still getting high-quality camera products. The company offers virtually every item a photographer at any level could want or need. Furthermore, KEH is not a middleman or a marketplace that connects a purchaser with an unknown seller. The company owns everything it sells. Moreover, its experts have been appraising, grading, renewing and certifying camera gear for more than 40 years. Consequently, each individual piece of equipment receives a quality rating after an expert inspection. KEH also backs almost all products with a 180-day warranty.

Transparent Pricing

What’s more, for customers selling gear, KEH offers fair and transparent prices. It provides a free online gear estimator tool based on real-time market data. It also makes its photography experts available by phone and video chat in virtual appointments.

Offering free two-way shipping for gear appraisals above $100, KEH seeks to eliminate all hassles and risks of selling privately. In addition, sellers can get an additional 10% trade-in bonus on the value of their gear for a purchase.

“Both sellers and purchasers from KEH are supporting the path to a more sustainable future for all, which is a core value and purpose at KEH,” added Treshnell.

Beyond the environmental advantages of buying and selling used camera gear, KEH is dedicated to ongoing sustainability efforts throughout the organization. This encompasses internal operations as well as partnerships.