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The Videographer’s Tools: The Golden Age of Wireless Mics

Wireless microphones are essential tools for vloggers and video productions. They offer freedom of movement as well as no messy wires in the shot....

The Videographer’s Tools: Light the Stream

Good lighting—along with audio and image quality—is key to successful video production. That’s true even if it’s just you talking about your passion to...

The Videographer’s Tools: Shotgun Microphone Vetting

If you’re a vlogger looking to upgrade your video’s audio quality, a shotgun microphone is a great investment. That’s because the mics that are...

The Videographer’s Tools: Zoom Videoconferencing, Livestreaming & Vlogging Done Right

Covid has changed the way we work and play. Almost overnight, many businesses switched to work-at-home and online meetings on Zoom or other platforms....

The Videographer’s Tools: Camera Stabilizers—Ready, Steady, Go!

When Cinema Products Corporation introduced Garrett Brown’s invention, the Steadicam, in 1975, it revolutionized moviemaking. No longer bound to tracks, tripods or dollies, movie...

Editor’s Note: This May Be the Worst of Times

This may be the worst of times. With those sobering words, we’re still committed to publishing Digital Imaging Reporter, to help keep our industry...

The Videographer’s Tools: Run-and-Gun Lighting

Advances in LED technology have made portable video lighting more convenient than ever. You can simply attach a lightweight light source to your DSLR...

A Complete Guide to Storing Photos in the Cloud

For photographers in the digital age, one of the most pressing questions is: Where should I store my image files? A big, multi-terabyte external...

From Camera to Phone: Photography Unplugged, Revisited

Are your customers taking advantage of their digital cameras’ wireless connectivity features? A growing number of digital cameras now offer one or more of...

Photography, Unplugged: Going Wireless

One way in which camera makers are adapting to the proliferation of smartphones is by incorporating wireless communications in many digital cameras. With wireless-ready...


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