DNP IAM Action Capture System Elevates Venue Guest Experience

DNP IAM Action Capture System Elevates Venue Guest Experience


Concord, NC—Whether guests are bouncing off the walls or climbing up them, they’re going to leave experience centers with a story worth telling. To help them preserve those stories, DNP Imagingcomm America Corporation launched the DNP IAM Action Capture system.

The system helps to elevate the guest experience at theme parks, family fun centers, rock climbing gyms, ropes courses and other attraction venues. DNP’s Action Capture system snaps candid moments of guests from angles unobtainable by friends or family or with a selfie. As guests participate in games, events and other experiences, the Action Capture system freezes the fun moments to take home and share.

DNP Action Capture camera

“Theme parks, family fun centers, rock climbing walls, ropes courses and other attraction venues thrive on creating a guest experience to remember. With DNP’s new Action Capture system, guests can take a part of their day home to share for years to come,” the company announced.

DNP IAM Action Capture System Features

Transforming attraction venues into experiences, DNP makes the photo-taking process as easy as pressing a button. The venue places the DNP Action Capture camera at the top-of-route or completion point of the activity. Then guests can simply press a button to activate the camera during an activity.

The camera captures the moment as well as immediately transfers the images to the printer control unit. In addition, the venues may choose to print images automatically. Or they can give guests an opportunity to curate the list of images they want before printing.

Participating venues can also create an on-site, automatic updating slide show for guests showcasing pictures captured throughout the day.

DNP Action Capture System key components

Moreover, DNP’s new Action Capture system enables venues to add branded content, such as logos and other graphics, to the images before they are printed. As a result, it helps promote a brand tie with guests and those they share the images with.

The venues can also use this feature to upsell photo packages on private events. They can add a personal branded image package as a service when booking with guests.

The DNP Action Capture system comes with an easy-to-install camera module; a trigger button for camera activation; a touchscreen control unit with HDMI output; a network router (PoE+) to connect the camera module to the control unit; a starter supply of media; as well as the DNP QW410 compact professional photo printer.