Shutter Pals Photography Social Network Connects Photogs Worldwide

Shutter Pals Photography Social Network Connects Photogs Worldwide


New York, NY——a new photography social network that allows photographers to connect and share with each other from around the world—was launched by photographer and web creator Stephen Hockman.

Membership is free to Shutter Pals, and once registered, photographers may upload photos, create business and studio pages, buy and sell equipment, announce events, chat in forums, participate in polls and more.

Hockman said that Shutter Pals is designed for and is beneficial to photographers of all skill levels who want to share their work, photography tips and information. Beginners, he said, can connect with more experienced photographers to gain tips and inspiration, while professional photographers can promote their businesses through a free business or studio page. Businesses, Hockman added, can also benefit by adding products for sale and creating events such as conferences, shows and meet ups.

“What bothered me most about other photography websites was the fact that I had to go multiple places to accomplish different things,” Hockman said. “For instance, I had to go a photography forum site to chat with other photographers, a photo-sharing site to upload photos for critiques and reviews, and yet another site to buy and sell gear. So, I created Shutter Pals as a central hub for everything related to photography.”