Canon Cinema EOS System Shoots 4K Footage in Space for Imax 3D...

Canon Cinema EOS System Shoots 4K Footage in Space for Imax 3D Film


Melville, NY—Canon Cinema EOS digital cameras and lenses were selected by IMAX Corporation for a mission to capture 4K footage in space. The cameras and lenses left Earth on a SpaceX Dragon spacecraft launched from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. The equipment will arrive at the International Space Station, where astronauts will capture 4K content for the upcoming 3D film tentatively titled A Perfect Planet—a presentation of Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures and IMAX Entertainment.

Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Toni Myers, the IMAX 3D space project will offer “breathtaking, illuminating views of Earth from space, exploring mankind’s future on and off the planet.” Renowned large-format cinematographer James Neihouse, who serves as the film’s director of photography, trained the astronauts who will man the cameras while in orbit.

“When we launched the Cinema EOS product line, Canon hoped to inspire filmmakers to take their craft to new heights. We are honored that IMAX, Toni Myers, James Neihouse and the astronauts took our challenge so literally. To have our cameras and lenses travel to space is an incredible cause for celebration. We look forward to this awe-inspiring film and pledge to continue to engineer products worthy of the next frontier—whether here on Earth or among the stars,” said Yuichi Ishizuka, president and COO, Canon USA, Inc.

The IMAX production team selected Canon EOS C500 EF digital cinema cameras, Canon EOS 1D-C digital SLRs and a selection of Canon Cinema zoom and prime lenses for the project. The EOS C500s will be paired with Codex recorders to capture 4K images.

IMAX’s 3D film will be shot over the course of the next year with multiple crews of astronauts conducting principal photography. The film is tentatively set for release in early 2016.