New RFID Method Guards DVDs – and Eventually, CE

New RFID Method Guards DVDs – and Eventually, CE


New anti-theft technology unveiled recently is aimed at making DVDs unplayable until they’re activated at the checkout counter- and the same technology may soon be applicable to flat-panels and other CE products. The two companies behind the venture, NXP Semiconductors and Kestrel Wireless, announced it earlier this month, the AP reported this week.

The technology works by combining NXP’s RFID chip with the RFA (Radio Frequency Activation) system made by Kestrel to make the DVDs useless until they are activated by a checkout clerk.

The first generation of the technology, will be embedded in DVDs and video games, but those behind it have even higher hopes for the future. Their goal, an NXP executive said in a statement, is nothing less than “to dramatically reduce and ultimately eradicate the theft of optical media and consumer electronics in the retail supply chain.”