Picture Business & WIBOC Offer Retail Stimulus Plan

Picture Business & WIBOC Offer Retail Stimulus Plan


Picture Business magazine has teamed with the Wireless & Imaging Business Owners Consortium on a series of Retailer Success Summits behind held in various cities around the U.S. The next two stops are Tampa (March 26) and Las Vegas (March 31).

The retail market is changing and responding quickly to these changes will help your business capitalize on the technologies and trends that are driving profits in wireless today.
At these Summits, WIBOC is introducing what they are calling the Imaging Retailer Stimulus Plan. “With our economy in the tank, it is more important than ever to invest in the assets that will bring you the greatest returns – your business and your employees,” explained WIBOC president Mark Landiak.
While small businesses aren’t likely to much of the Stimulus package from DC, WIBOC is introducing the Imaging Retailers Stimulus Plan, “A serious program with specific strategies aimed at significantly growing your sales and profitability.” This plan will be discussed in great detail at the Retailers Success Summits on March 26th In Tampa and on March 31st in Las Vegas.

Attend the Retailers Success Summit to:

• Find out how to add thousands of dollars per month in complementary New Products that your customers are buying, but you’re not selling!

• Learn about some low cost/NO cost services that you could add tomorrow and begin making big bucks on this month!

• Hear what America’s most profitable dealers are doing to operate more efficiently and lower their costs by $10,000 to $15,000 per store!

• Learn the New and Proven Strategies that will result in your business growing profit by $50K to $75K per store per year…and we’re so sure about this that we’ll even track the gains with you through 2009 and 2010.

To register for the March 26th or March 31st Retailers Success Summit, call the Wireless & Imaging Owners consortium (WIBOC) at 630-778-9914 or click here.