Mylio Solution for Organizing, Editing & Protecting Photo Libraries Exhibits at Digital...

Mylio Solution for Organizing, Editing & Protecting Photo Libraries Exhibits at Digital Experience, 2015 CES


Bellevue, WA—Mylio is prepared to help consumers organize and rediscover every photo they have ever taken when it shares its solution with consumer media during the Digital Experience event in Las Vegas prior to the opening of the 2015 International CES.

Created by MyLO Development LLC, Mylio is a software solution for finding and protecting image libraries for professional photographers, photo enthusiasts and consumers who are looking for ways to organize photos and videos created on a variety of devices. Mylio offers a complete solution for aggregating all of a consumer’s photos stored on computers, memory cards, hard drives and mobile devices to create an organized visual system for instantly locating any photo and accessing them from any desktop, laptop, tablet or phone brought into their personal Mylio system.

At the event, members of MyLO will be on hand to provide live demos and answer questions about how Mylio is the long-awaited solution to the “digital chaos” most consumers are facing today.

Mylio addresses four core needs common to all photographers:

It brings pictures together from Facebook, Flickr, SD cards, camera rolls, computers and external hard drives into a common place via Wi-Fi, and it does not rely on the cloud.

It automatically replicates pictures to a phone, notebook and tablet, so users can work on their pictures wherever they are, even when there is no Internet access.

Mylio automatically protects the original pictures on multiple devices so that they are safe even if the user’s computer is stolen, phone lost or a disaster occurs, such as flood or fire. Mylio’s automatic protection can include cloud storage if preferred.

Powerful and Simple: Even with hundreds of thousands of pictures, Mylio is designed to be fast when viewing and searching photos. It also provides editing tools, even for RAW files.

Available in 38 countries, Mylio is offered in three subscription plans: Mylio Basic – JPG only, simple editing, three devices, up to 50,000 images, $50/year; Mylio Standard – JPG and RAW, full editing, five devices, up to 100,000 images, $100/year; Mylio Advanced – multi-location, workflow, 12 devices, up to 500,000 images, $250/year. A free trial plan supports up to 1,000 files on three devices.

Mylio is available at photo specialty retailers across the U.S. and can also be downloaded at