3D Ecosystem for Sprout by HP 3D Expands with New Creative Apps

3D Ecosystem for Sprout by HP 3D Expands with New Creative Apps


Palo Alto, CA—HP added several creative apps for its Sprout by HP all-in-one, immersive computer—enhancing the user experience and expanding the 3D ecosystem for creative professionals and aspiring creatives.

Sprout includes an Intel Core i7 processor, 1TB of storage, a Windows operating system, Intel Real Sense 3D cameras and two 23-inch touch surfaces that work together to transform a desk’s surface into a digital-physical workspace.

Sprout by HP

The new apps that will be available this summer include Crayola Color Alive, Ideum Origami Apprentice, Mobile5 SizeUp, Mischief for Sprout, Sprout Stop Motion, Sprout Light Stencil and Sprout Video Capture, as well as HP’s Sprout 3D Capture application.

“These new applications continue to expand HP’s immersive computing ecosystem,” said Eric Monsef, Highly Immersive Systems, HP. “Both small and industry-leading app developers are drawn to the platform as it unlocks unique, immersive experiences for both consumers and professionals.”

As a new technology, Sprout is designed to expand the limits of creative possibilities and open doors for consumer and creative professionals who want to create something completely new. When available, the following applications will be offered through the Sprout Marketplace.

Sprout Creative Apps

Crayola Color Alive

This app allows kids to apply animated effects through special colors such as Fire-Breath and Ice-Blast. They can save their characters and bring them out to play in 4D anytime. The app already includes 18 free action-coloring pages.

Ideum Origami Apprentice

Guiding learners through the process of folding a variety of origami models, the app projects instructions on Sprout’s mat. It takes the user step by step through the folds while Sprout’s upper screen provides animated and verbal instructions.

Mobile5 SizeUp

Using Sprout’s downward facing camera, this app enables users to measure objects in real-time. The measurements are projected on Sprout’s mat overlaying the real object and shown on the vertical screen. With the ability to change from metric to imperial systems and different unit measures, the app is expected to be ideal for crafters, makers, professionals and educators.

Mischief for Sprout

This is a creative sketching tool for drawing, doodling, whiteboarding or producing creative artwork or designs. The app integrates with Sprout’s overhead cameras for capture and import of 2D objects. It also provides an unobstructed full-screen preview of the canvas on the vertical screen and features an “infinite canvas” with pin-able views to add a new level of brainstorming, drawing details or storytelling.

Sprout Stop Motion

To easily create stop-motion videos, the app captures real objects as digital assets by using the two Sprout cameras. Users then mix them up with screen captures and edit using intuitive features like frame duplication, image cloak and delays. Users can also record sound from a microphone or import an audio file to enrich the video production.

Sprout Light Stencil

This app enables users to trace, etch or stencil on physical objects using an image or design of their own creation. The app projects the image to the horizontal mat. Then users can apply effects, rotation and also scale to the projected image. Finally, users trace, etch or stencil the projected image onto their preferred material; for example: wooden blocks, T-shirts, leather or a cake.

Sprout Video Capture

It provides a seamless and efficient workflow for recording video content from multiple cameras on Sprout and the live screen content at the same time. Users can trim and create multi-shot videos that can share instructions, projects, presentations or special moments. It enables Sprout users to create their own video content. As a result, it is an ideal platform for instructional video production.

Since Sprout by HP’s launch in October 2014, retailers have increased shelf space and expanded the presence of Sprout to hundreds of locations at Maker Shed, Best Buy, Microsoft Store, Micro Center, Nebraska Furniture Mart, Abt Electronics and B&H Photo Video. Last month, HP began selling Sprout through its commercial channel in the U.S. sprout.com